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Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.
Dr. Mima Kapches

The Society for American Archaeology (SAA) was founded in December of 1934, in Pittsburgh, PA. To set the record straight there were no Canadians who signed the founding document at the meeting in the Roosevelt Hotel. However, there was one Canadian who had been involved with the Council that had developed the Constitution for the SAA in advance of that meeting. Although not Canadian born Diamond Jenness of the Dominion Museum, Ottawa, was involved. Jenness and Wintemberg became Fellows of the society.

 Newly formed, the first objective of the SAA was to grow the membership and this is where Wintemberg came into play. He recommended many Canadians to become affiliated with the SAA.  Some of these people joined the SAA and others did not. It’s the names of these individuals that provide a glimpse into who was interested in archaeology in Canada in the 1930s, not just in Ontario, but Canada wide. In this talk I’ll look at the earliest Canadian men and the two women members of the SAA, as well as some of those nominated by Wintemberg who did not join.

 Mima Kapches  (PhD, Toronto, 1981) is a licensed archaeologist in the Province of Ontario who has worked in Ontario Archaeology for 46 years.  She retired as Senior Curator, Ontario Archaeology from the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto in 2009.  She served as President of the Ontario Archaeological Society, President of the Canadian Archaeological Association and President of the Eastern States Archaeological Federation and Toronto Chapter of the OAS. She served as Editor of the CAA’s Newsletter, the Canadian Journal Of Archaeology and Editor of the Bulletin of the Eastern States Archaeological Federation. She served as Chair of the Toronto Historical Board and is one of the Founding Members of the Friends of Fort York, Toronto and currently serves as their membership chair. She is a life member of the Ontario Archaeological Society and the Royal Ontario Museum. She continues to publish articles on Ontario Archaeology and the history of Ontario archaeology. She has a peer-reviewed paper appearing in 2019 on the 19th Century looting of Wendat ossuaries and is currently researching Profile articles for Ontario Archaeology on Peter Marshall Pringle and Margaret Thomson Tushingham.

Thursday November 15 at 7:30 p.m.
Archaeology in the Rouge Valley:  Rouge National Urban Park of Canada
Dr. Jenneth Curtis

Parks Canada has established Canada’s First Nation urban park, Rouge National Urban Park, in the Greater Toronto Area.  A key component of the work for park establishment and operations is to develop an understanding of the cultural history of the park area and the more than 200 known archaeological sites that will be within the park boundaries.  This presentation summarizes the work conducted to date to develop an archaeological site inventory for the park and to conduct archaeological impact assessments for park establishment activities.  She will  present highlights from four seasons of fieldwork within the park that included revisiting Iroquoian village sites and exploring the Euro-Canadian history and archaeology of the hamlet of Mongolia.

Jenneth Curtis has been an archaeologist with Parks Canada since 2006.  For almost ten years she worked from the Atlantic Service Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia providing archaeological support and advice to National Parks and National Historic Sites in Newfoundland and Labrador.  In 2015 she transferred to Parks Canada's National Office in Gatineau and she is currently on assignment with Rouge National Urban Park supporting the park establishment process.  Jenneth completed her doctorate on the archaeology of southern Ontario at the University of Toronto in 2004.

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